Once more into the breach...
VerseChorusVideo pt4 - The Birds

Here it is, journeys end. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.

This video is the work of the inimitable Will McConnell of Bandwidth Films. I merely suggested the idea of using the tiny piano, conjuring images of Schroeder from Peanuts.


Will employed some cool, old fashioned, film making techniques and tricks that blew my mind, the guy is a true artist and craftsman.

Here it is, in all it’s (& Belfasts) glory. 

Maestro… (best listened to in headphones…LOUD)

This is the first track I’ve ever written on the piano and also the first song I’ve ever recorded without guitars. Felt strange, but good!

As has become custom, the song is available on a free or pay what you like basis here…


So thats the end of the series! I hope you’ve enjoyed watching as much as we had creating them. Huge thanks must got to the incredible people who made them possible, both on screen and off, thank you so much guys, you rule.

I hope they’ve entertained and maybe even inspired a few people out there like the incredible people who helped me realise them, have inspired me.

Massive thanks must also go to Niall Byrne from Nialler9 and Nay McArdle from Harmless Noise for giving the platform to each of the videos and their continuing support of all things VerseChorusVerse, not to mention the rest of the new music world! Thank you both.

Next stop… album town.

Once more into the breach…




VerseChorusVideo pt3 - Spiders

Part 3, here it is, like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, it guest stars Sean Connery (it doesn’t). Hang on that would make part 4 (the final instalment, coming next week), that dumb recent Indy movie with the aliens and the nuclear fridge. Scrap that!

Lets start again…

Here we are! Part 3! The penultimate part of the VerseChorusVideo series!

SPIDERS. - A paper crushed, insected, digital love story.


It’s an age old tale.

Flies memories encapsulated in a spider web, guy-fly leaves girl-fly to the

train station to start her new life in another city, well, I won’t spoil it.

My good friend Aaron Mckee deserves the lion share of credit here for the video, I basically gave him the concept and let him go to town.

I think he’s done an excellent job, take a bow Mr McKee.

Aaron was also responsible for this piece you may recognise…


Uncanny! ;)

The song itself is another relatively older one, but not one I play regularly. 

The insanely talented twosome of Darragh Gillen and Sabrina Rodgers provided the beautifully haunting, atmospheric, haunting combination of Harp and Violin respectively, with myself banging away on the rest of the sounds you hear and behind the mixing desk.

So this one is dedicated to my friends Aaron, Darragh and Sabrina. You guys did an amazing job. Thank you so much.

Here’s to collaborating with friends! :D

As usual the song is available here for free/pay what you like


See you next week for the final video, once more into the breach…




VerseChorusVideo pt2 - Nothing Is Easy

So here it is, the sequel (its not a sequel), or should I say (yes, you should) the second part of the video series.

A Tragi-Romance Sci-Fi Black Comedy!

Last week saw the big production song with the shadow puppets, which I hope you all enjoyed, some of the feedback I’ve gotten has moved me.

Thanks so much guys.

This week we have the minimalist heartbreak murder ballad with the big production/high production value video.


This is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever been involved in, I’m not an actor (stop the press) and I have the utmost respect for those who are, because, even though I’m playing a character, thats still my big dumb face up there.

I feel much more comfortable with a guitar in hand (for defence purposes, of course) but staying in my comfort zone isn’t what I ever really wanna do…

It was conceived by Industrious Dark in Edinburgh. My old friend and fellow member of my first band, PepperBook, Adrian Rowe approached me with the idea of doing a video and really all the others stemmed from here.

The idea was to, again, contradict the song slightly. The song, Nothing Is Easy, isn’t the happiest of songs so Adrian put forward the idea of a Black Comedy.

It’s littered with sci-fi fanboy/girl references too, see if you can spot them. It’s definitely got a, “Spaced”, feel to it. 

The guy sitting with me at the start is another old friend from home, Mr Matthew Bakewell. Check out his band, A Fight You Can’t Win, they effortlessly rock. http://afightyoucantwin.bandcamp.com

Suzanna Marchant plays opposite me and we only met that day, she is fantastic and we had a great time making this. Hi Suzanna!

The majority of the credit has to go to the Industrious Dark team of Adrian Rowe (writer & director), Emma Louise Dodds (producer, editor & lights) and Mr James Parnell (camera operator) who put this together with a near non-existent budget (i.e.; there wasn’t one), boundless ideas, energy and enthusiasm.

Working with old and new friends alike can result in some pretty amazing things.

Thank you guys so much for everything, round of applause please ladies and gentlemen!

We filmed it in one day just after I had returned from my Spanish Tour, which you can no doubt tell from my incredible tan.

The song is available for free/pay what you like download here… http://versechorusverse.bandcamp.com/track/nothing-is-easy

Shares are hugely appreciated guys, and I’d love to hear your thoughts again.

Thanks you all so much for taking the time to read this.

Take care and be well good folk.



VerseChorusVideo - pt1 - Inches From A Fairytale

Good day to you, good soul.

I decided a few months ago to put some old songs to bed before the album comes out.

I also decided that it would be cool to put together some short films to go along with these songs. You know, as you do.

This is the first of a series of videos that will be available in the coming weeks.

For each song I wanted to stylistically contradict the production of the recording.

In other words, this song has a fair few tracks on it. It’s almost (whisper it) prog-pop! So I thought it would be interesting, challenging and, most importantly, fun, to conceptualise, write, design & realise a basic shadow puppet parable/fairytale world, whilst reflecting the lyrics.

The story is a simple one, an age old tale of overcoming adversity and not backing down from pursuing your dreams.I hope it connects with you in some way. If it does, please, please, please feel free to get in touch and tell me. I’d love to hear from you and your thoughts on it. This is a two way street friends, let’s have some fun sharing!

The characters bear a passing resemblance to aliens, or even the Silence from Doctor Who (yes I am a sucker for sci fi - a theme which continues in the other vids), so I decided to give our hero (there’s always got to be a hero, right?) a bowtie as a nod to this, & as we all know…Bowties are cool.

Check out the SharkWolf though, she’s my favourite, she should get her own TV series or something.

The track is available for pay-what-u-like/free download on bandcamp here…


If you enjoyed this, please re-post on your preferred inter webbing network social platform. I’d appreciate it so much. After all, it’s free music! :)

See you soon for the next instalment…

Take care and be well people.




Charity Gig! Auntie Annies! 9/5/121! Exclamation mark!

Charity Gig! Auntie Annies! 9/5/121! Exclamation mark!


VerseChorusVerse - Two Causes - Gig Announcement & Press Release 5/9/

VerseChorusVerse & Friends : Two Causes. 

Wednesday 5th September 2012.

Auntie Annies; Belfast.

VerseChorusVerse, the musical pseudonym of Tony Wright, former & founding member of, “And So I Watch You From Afar”, recently released a digital EP of Punk and Alternative cover versions, entitled, "Six Songs". He recorded this EP, playing and producing everything himself, towards the end of his Iain Archer produced debut album sessions in London, with a view to raising some money, along with awareness, for two charities very close to his heart, First Fortnight, a Dublin Based Mental Health Initiative focusing on the Creative Arts, that Tony had backed with various gigs, both solo and with his old band, appearances on fund raising videos, and going public with his own battles with depression, as well as NI’s own Action Cancer. Tonys mother was formerly a chair person for the Coleraine branch of Action Cancer, up until she lost her own battle with cancer 12 years ago. Tony released the EP on the 12th anniversary of her passing. He announced it on FaceBook and Twitter, relying on people to share the link in order to raise awareness of the project, which they did in abundance. Tony had this to say, “it was all very overwhelming, in an unbelievably positive manner! I was genuinely blown away and touched by the response, it was so organic and, well, punk rock!”. He then adds,”I thought the next logical step was to put on a gig that, again, donated ALL proceeds equally to both charities, and then I thought I’d ask some friends if they’d help out this lonesome little ginge singin’ guitar player”.

So ask his friends he did, and in keeping with the phenomenally positive response to the EP, each one he approached agreed instantly. 


On the evening of the 5th of September, in Auntie Annies, Belfast, VerseChorusVerse will be joined at various intervals by some of NI’s shining lights in our ever burgeoning Music Scene. 

All for a fiver!

Members of A Plastic Rose, Katie & the Carnival, More Than Conquerors and Pretty Child Backfire along with Owen Srathern and Stu Bell  will accompany Tony on a selection of songs, both his own and re-imaginings of punk/alternative songs from the,”Six Songs”, EP. 

Join them, on what promises to be a special night, for two fantastic causes. 

Help make a difference whilst having an utter blast. 

Let the good times roll, together. 




VerseChorusVerse - Six Songs - Charity Covers EP

Six Songs.



Punk Rock. Alternative Music, or whatever else you want to call it, has long been my refuge. 

I was into music from a very young age. The main reason I support Liverpool FC (please don’t stop reading) was simply because I knew The Beatles came from there. Then, when I was 8 years old my Mum taught me how to play a few chords on the guitar after she picked me up from Primary School in Portstewart, County Derry, NI. I’d been flatly rejected from getting violin lessons (real Punk Rock, I know) and a chance to play in the School Orchestra as I was apparently tone deaf (more Punk Rock now, you could say). 

As I got a little older I started to listen to my brothers Guns N Roses cassettes, and then bought my first album, Public Enemy, It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back. That album informed, at the best of times, my drive and, personally, the power of a strong and defiant statement. 

It, essentialy, more than anything I had really paid attention to previously, showed me how powerful words could be. 

Words when coupled with an idea, I still believe if executed correctly, are the single most powerful force we have as a species. 

Unfortunately, these forces can do just as much harm as they can good. So in these times especially, we need good words and good ideas. 

I digress.

As I fell head over heels in love with Public Enemy, Guns N Roses ceaseless posturing grew ever more weary on my young inquisitive mind, plus there was no way I could master those riffs on my crappy little guitar! 

One day, when visiting my cooler, older cousins in Derry, they played me Bleach by Nirvana, and I thought it rocked like nothing I’d ever heard, and most importantly, it sounded like I could play it. 

I was 10. 

A 10 year old Punk in waiting had been born. 

Bleach had already been out a few years at this stage. Shortly after that, Smells Like Teen Spirit was released to an unsuspecting world and if legacy is to be believed an even more unsuspecting Nirvana. I liked Teen Spirit, but it wasn’t until I was 11 and first heard Lithium that something really clicked. 

That was it. 

Life changed forever. 

The sheer simplicity of it. There’s only two different chord progressions in the song but I had never heard anything as dynamic, maudlin, humorous* and downright amazing sounding in one 4 minute package. 

From Nirvana I got into all the Seattle bands and those who were lumped in with it and from there I started exploring the roots of Nirvana. Sonic Youth, The Melvins, Tad, Shonen Knife, etc. 

Then I started delving in further to some more obvious choices to some less obvious ones. The Sex Pistols to Naked Raygun. The Clash to Fugazi and so on. 

Fugazi became my new Nirvana. Almost literally! They, to me, were like Nirvana and Public Enemy in one glorious ensemble. The rage, the melody, the riffs, the dynamism. So bombastic they could change your life on a daily basis. An ethos I wished to install in each of the bands I formed ever since. Bands in school, to PepperBook to AsiMyfaNESIA* (asiwyfa). 


I had the idea of doing this EP just before I went to London to start work on my debut solo record. 

When I was left with little choice from my last band but to go out on my own, I began to embrace where my musical journey had begun. All the way back to my mother teaching me those Denver, Dylan and Baez songs. I took an acoustic guitar and hopped back on that path I had started out on all those years ago, except now with nearly two decades of a punk rock/alternative education under my belt. 

People thought I’d lost my mind, some people still do. In fact, people have told me that, almost every time I leave the house for a gig, or a cycle, or to buy magic beans*.

All because my parents told me if you don’t have something nice to say about somebody don’t say anything at all. If you get what I mean. 

For the record if following your muse is being crazy, I guess I’m certifiable*.

I was labeled folk at an early stage of my VerseChorusVerse guise, and in a lot of ways I embraced it and in a lot of ways I was confused by it. Thinking it lazy. I just wanted to write songs, hence the name. Anyway, the more I thought of it, I realised that there is very little difference in Folk and Punk. 

Both are very simple forms of expression that strike a chord, pun intended, with a lot of people. Myself clearly included. 

Both are names for people. 

People Music. 

That’s cool.

6 Songs.

So then I decided to take some of the songs that had help shape me musically, and re-imagine them into a manner in which the production was stripped to some guitars, vocals, harmonica, handclaps and, most importantly, the sentiment. Because THAT is what Folk and Punk share. 

Raw, honest, sentiment. Sometimes angry, sometimes wistful, sometimes funny, always true.

I decided to record these at home, or in-between album sessions, exploring what I could do sonically, sounding separate from the previously mentioned album, hence the fairly Lo-Fi recordings (hey, it just adds to the sentiment!) and to put them on Bandcamp at a pay whatever you want to pay price and donate every single penny/cent/bean equally to two charities I hold very dear to my heart. 

Present Day.

First Fortnight is a Mental Health Charity that works passionately with the Creative Arts that I have worked with closely in the past, and will in the future, if they’ll have me. 

I first publicly admitted my own problems with depression on Irish National Radio whilst working with them and since some people have done nothing to play down the notion that I lost my mind, I figure I best help these guys out*. 

Action Cancer (Coleraine) was an organisation my Mother, who started me out on this path in every single way, was Chairperson of for a few years before she lost her own battle with Cancer 12 years ago today on the 25th July. 

She was Diagnosed on one of their mobile units. 

A Big Red (and white) Van I believe. 

I miss her dearly and thank her every day for the gifts she bestowed upon me and the things she taught me.

Please give what you can, and listen to people music.

Tony Wright




The * denotes the first *

Important for the humourless*.



1. 100% - Sonic Youth

     The lead track off the,”Dirty”, album. My first real band, PepperBook used to cover it. A classic.

2. Margin Walker - Fugazi

     The lead track off the EP of the same name. My favourite Fugazi song.

3. Get Over You - The Undertones

     The first of two NI covers. Always loved the song, in particular the version on the DOE ad.

     Can you tell?

4. Wasted Life - Stiff Little Fingers

     The second NI cover, I always loved how discordant and out of tune the original was, here I’ve    

     tried to take that and make a texture outta it. Maybe.

5. Territorial Pissings - Nirvana

     Off the Nevermind album and some would say this track is the band at their most Punk Rock. 

     Probably not the band though. I fancied exploring the melody, which I always felt was so strong.

6. Bankrobber - The Clash

     Joe Strummer used to call himself Woody. I thought it’d be cool to delve into that.